Oxford Sigma tackles energy security and climate change by accelerating the development of fusion and advanced nuclear energy.

The company aims to develop enabling materials technologies in fusion energy, develop materials for extreme environments, and provides design services to accelerate and achieve commercialisation.

Oxford Sigma specialises in the following sectors:

Materials for Extreme Environments​

Materials for Extreme Environments

Oxford Sigma’s team are experts in materials for extreme environments, which include high temperatures, extreme radiation damage, and highly corrosive environments (such as liquid metals, molten salts and gases). We design our own materials technologies that withstand these conditions. The image shows an electron backscatter diffraction pole map of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel by Oxford Sigma. 

Fusion Energy

Fusion Energy

Recent technical advancements have laid a path for the commercialisation of fusion energy for electricity production, direct heat use, and space travel. Oxford Sigma designs fusion reactor components and develops its own technologies in materials.
Nuclear Energy​

Advanced Nuclear Energy

The developments in advanced nuclear reactors (SMRs, AMRs, and Generation IV) require innovative solutions to achieve commercialisation. These nuclear reactor designs use alternative coolants that enable high temperature operation and have inherent passive safety features. Oxford Sigma provides technical development in reactor core design for these technologies.
Space Technologies


Long-term space travel technology could be realised with the use of compact nuclear fission, fusion reactors or plasma-based systems. These systems have different requirements, such as considerations for weight, compact radiation shielding, and thermal management. Oxford Sigma supports the community in applying advanced innovations to these systems.
Big Science

Big Science

Big Science projects refer to large-scale scientific machines that are designed to push forward human understanding of the natural world. Such systems include the Large Hadron Collider, European Spallation Source, and Diamond Light Source. Oxford Sigma applies its technical capabilities in nuclear design to these programs.

Due Diligence

Private fission and fusion energy companies have received over £4.5 billion investment since 2008. Oxford Sigma’s deep knowledge of these sectors is used to guide investment and large energy firms in understanding the technological, supply chain, and commercial challenges to achieve commercialisation over the coming decades.

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