National security is challenged everyday both strategically and through technological innovation. This expands from policy decisions and strategic frameworks to unconventional warfare and military hardware positioning. Our company investigates strategic advancements by key states surrounding the use of energy (conventional and nuclear) and defence systems.

Oxford Sigma operates in three main areas in the defence sector: defence strategy, energy policy, and defence systems through consultancy.

Defence Strategy

Understanding the linkages between defence strategy and energy is a core function of international energy security. Our company specialises in the analysis of international nuclear energy relations and energy security, with attention on key long and short term economic, political, and technical issues in nuclear energy.

Defence Strategy​
Energy Policy

Energy Policy

Applying energy expertise to official strategy represents a major challenge in national and foreign policy. Our company contributes to this challenge by offering policy recommendations and solutions in various defence organisations and structures, including the Royal United Service Institute for Defence and Security Studies (such as the RUSI PONI 2019 and 2020 publications).

Defence Systems

Defence systems require specialist analysis and engineering to ensure that equipment is operationally ready. Oxford Sigma holds expertise in nuclear engineering, materials engineering and regulatory compliance.

Defence Systems​


Oxford Sigma offers consultancy services in the following areas related (but not exclusive) to the defence sector

  • Regulatory and standards compliance (DEF STAN 00-56 and DEF STAN 00-51).
  • Safety & environmental case management.
  • Project Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS).
  • Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS).
  • Hazard and accident identification techniques (e.g. HAZOP).
  • Materials engineering.
  • Nuclear reactor engineering.
  • Assessment of radiological hazards, neutronics, and waste streams (e.g. MCNP, OpenMC, and FISPACT-II).
  • Analysis on official and civil nuclear energy relationships.
  • Analysis of long and short term economic, political, and national security implications related to energy markets and interstate relationships/cooperation.
  • Comprehensive briefings on defence and energy activities.
  • Evaluation and impact assessments of official Russian and East European energy policy.
For more information on our consultancy services, please contact us via email at [email protected].