Oxford Sigma has delivered multiple projects within the following sectors: nuclear, fusion, space, and big science. These projects have been with national laboratories, private companies, governments, and universities.

Below are typical areas that we provide services in, as well as completed projects, and framework positions that we hold.


  • Materials development for extreme environments
  • Materials selection (fusion, nuclear, and chemical)
  • Engineering Design (CAD)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (including liquid metals) modelling
  • Magnetodynamics (MHD) modelling
  • Liquid Metal Corrosion Testing (including liquid lithium, lead-lithium, and others).
  • Radiation damage of materials
  • Irradiation experiment techniques
  • Fusion technology development
  • Fusion In-Vessel Components (IVC) technology development
  • Fusion Safety analysis 
  • Plasma modelling
  • Assessment of radiological hazards and waste
  • Neutronic modelling (OpenMC etc)
  • Nuclear reactor core design
  • Application of nuclear design codes (e.g. ASME BPVC, RCC-MR)
  • Sodium, lead, lead-bismuth, lithium, lithium-lead, helium, and molten-salt coolants
  • R&D strategy development
  • Nuclear regulatory compliance and strategy
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Commercialisation support for fusion energy

Example Completed Projects:

Fusion Materials Selection for Tokamak Reactors

Oxford Sigma delivered fusion materials strategy, development, and designs for the fusion industry. These projects have focused on materials development to withstand fusion MeV neutrons and plasma exposure, covering the structural, functional, shielding, and breeding materials of the reactor.

Fusion Breeder Blanket Design

Oxford Sigma has delivered multiple fusion energy breeder blanket designs (liquid metal and solid-based lithium), covering engineering design, computational fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, neutronics, and electromagnetic forces. 

Molten Salt Reactor Core Engineering

Oxford Sigma has supported molten salt reactor core designs by analysing fuel facing materials, reactor vessels, and in-core support structures. This work covered analysis of the applicability and application of nuclear codes and standards, along with understanding the effects of molten salt corrosion and radiation damage of core materials.

Assessment of Fusion Energy for Investment

Oxford Sigma has provided guidance on technological, supply chain, and commercial challenges of fusion energy to investment and energy firms. The outcome de-risked and identified opportunities where strategic investment could provide maximum effectiveness in the industry.


Oxford Sigma has sub-contract positions on the following frameworks:
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority Engineering Design Services Framework
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority Tritium Engineering Framework
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority Manufacturing Support Services Framework
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority Embedded Support Framework
  • Office for Nuclear Regulation Technical Support Framework
  • European Spallation Source Mechanical Engineering Framework
To find out more about the services that we offer, please contact us via email at [email protected].